We all have heard a lot about VGR, its magic properties and rare side effect in the form of blurred vision.
However, many people still can’t understand who should buy generic Viagra and how to use it properly and what its mechanism of action. 

There are too many myths around best hard on pills over the counter, so let’s dispel them all and see what we have.

 Thus, the myths and facts about Sildenafil. 

The first myth. Men always think: “I do not have erectile dysfunction, as “failures” with an erection are rare for me. So I do not need cheap Viagra.

The fact is as following: even if erection problems happen only from time to time, it is nothing like erectile dysfunction.
 Virtually all men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, have erection problems 2-5 times out of 10. Viagra ensures a stable, strong erections irrespective of whether the failures occur rarely, if ever. By the way, it is used by more than 20 million men worldwide. Viagra allows you to forget about the quality of erection, as with no doubts, it will be amazing!

Myth: “Although I can’t keep an erection every time, it always comes from my own. So I do not need VGR”.

Fact: There are two ways of appointment of hard on pill over the counter. First, it ensures the offensive erection. Second, it retains a strong self-erection. Again, “magic blue pill” for sale is used for more than 20 million men. Such a large number of people simply can’t lie about efficacy of this drug.

Erectile dysfunction – is a disease, the same as others. And to help you – a plain duty of doctor. After all, it was his duty – to restore your health and your quality of life.

However, remember that you are not alone. With you – more than 20 million men around the world who decide the same problem that you have with using Sildenafil.

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